III. Financial Records - With or Without

    Let's face facts. To get top dollar on your business you need formal financials including tax returns. It is the only way a buyer will present offers based on your value AND it's the only way a lender will finance a buyer. If you do not have them then see the next paragraph however if you are just stalling then rev the engine and get to work on said financials.

However we are not ignorant. We know that many businesses cannot formally present financials as referenced above. But you can't have it both ways so if you fall under this category you need to be prepared for two things. FIRST you need to reside yourself to the fact that you will have to hold the financing or installments. SECOND you will need to sell using a BEST OFFER scenario and/or lease the business to a buyer with an option to purchase.

Whether offers are based on financials or best offer scenarios - you need to be prepared!


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